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RNS Mobile Disco & Event Hire - New For 2023

With 2022 being our most successful and busiest year yet, things are set to get even better in 2023! We've been working tirelessly over the past few years to get to this point in the business and we are so friggin proud of ourselves for what we've achieved and even more thankful that you amazing people continue to book us!

So, what is new for 2023?

Client Portal

Possibly the most exciting thing, in my personal opinion, we have created a client portal on our website! This allows you to fill in our information sheets online, with it automatically saving AND you can keep going back to it and changing your answers along the road of wedding planning. There will be a payment link, all your documents on show and you will receive automatic invoices & receipts which means no more waiting around on us to do them whilst we are busy! You can even schedule in video calls and contact us directly through the portal. Each client will get a username and password, which allows you to fully control your booking with us. It is a great step forward, plus it has took me months to master and set up so you best use it! This will be available February/March time. (It's running late due to my accident)

Music Playlists

We will be uploading every single playlist from every single gig, as a blog! This way you can see what kind of random and wonderful songs we play.


We tried and tested YouTube for BTS videos and constant content, but due to the nature of our work copyright was just a royal pain in the backside. This is why we have decided to stick to TikTok for all the BTS gossip, tips and videos. Every venue will have its own video so we can show you for future reference, every set up will be detailed and of course you get to see the party itself. We've uploaded a load of old videos recently on TikTok and cannot wait to show you so much more of what we do on there, so do follow us!

Supporting Artists

As a musician myself I know how hard it is to be in the industry, that's why RNS Mobile Disco are pledging to support the independent artists we play a lot more this year. We always like to mix things up, especially in the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, so now we will showcase the artists more. We will be purchasing their merchandise and tickets for giveaways and supporting their patrons too. We will also be launching a 'My Music' scheme, where we will be getting artists to talk about their music.. we don't want to give too much away, so keep an eye out on our socials!

Weekly Blogs

Our blogs were so popular, I know I am utterly useless with them.. but I promise it is only because we are busy alllllll the time! Starting from February 2023 there will be a weekly blog, YES WEEKLY, about music, events, the business, weddings... basically everything. We know you all love reading them and I promise these are going to be amazing! We've already got loads lined up for your weekly read... here is your first one and they will be coming every single Wednesday!

Photo Booth

We have added in not one but TWO new photo booths! Wow, we really have lost the plot haven't we? We have purchased a new Oval Photo Booth which is our printing option, suitable for inside only and is enclosed. We have also made, yes made, a rustic Selfie Pod to match our current Selfie Pod, this is digital only. Alongside the new arrivals we are now also offering a more old school approach to photo booths and have started offering a manual photo booth experience... us with a camera and you in front of a backdrop. The much more cheaper package and is available as both digital and printing.

Too Sweet Candids

My photography course is now in it's last year, so it is time to show you what I have been up to! With its separate section on my website and my own photography based Instagram.. Check my socials section in this blog to learn more.

Recommended Suppliers

We have created a recommended suppliers list from events we have attended during 2022 and 2021. All of these amazing suppliers have been absolute legends whilst working alongside us, so we thought you MUST know about them! This will be live on our client page very soon, so keep an eye out!


This year, we are going to do your heads in with the amount of content we share on our socials. We have so much ready to share for you all. RNS MOBILE DISCO is currently on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook. Whilst TOO SWEET CANDIDS is currently on Instagram, going forward to make things easier I will be using the RNS MOBILE DISCO Instagram to run TOO SWEET CANDIDS, with the amazing new feature of collaboration posts! This way nothing gets missed and everyone can see everything regardless of which page you follow.

Golf Course

Well, after having so many people ask if I offer a mini golf course, an opportunity through a family member has allowed me to get my hands on one. We will be starting off with a 4 hole course and expanding as we deem suitable. This can be hired with or without the disco. Check back soon to see our course and learn about how to hire it!

2023 is going to be an amazing year, for so many reasons and we cannot wait to celebrate with you all!

With love and best wishes,

Jayde x

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