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It's All About You..

As with any business, the most important people are the clients. Here in the client area there is everything you will need including a FAQ section, downloadable content and our new client portal will be here too!



The Most Important Questions..


Your DJ will always be me, Jayde! I'm not an agency, every booking through my business will be either myself or a member of my staff.. I am the only DJ.


As soon as possible, I open my dates up for 3 years due to demand, it is seriously never too early.


I take a £100 non refundable booking fee per booking, the rest is due a month before your date. There is a different payment process for hired items, please see my terms and conditions.


Of course, it is your event not mine! I work closely with all my clients to make sure the best music gets played. I'm even happy for you to do me a full playlist and I mix them in where I feel necessary.


I'm a music producer and a signed songwriter, so I specialise in a wide range of music... because I make it! I would say I specialise in music between 80s - current, genre wise it would be pop, rock, metal, indie, dance and RNB mainly. I listen to everything and my own personal playlist ranges from Slipknot to Aitch, so trust me I have you covered!


Not only are you looking at a female DJ that plays heavy metal and is a music producer/songwriter... you're also looking at a married lesbian, so the answer is a big fat yes! We know how hard it is to find suppliers that don't judge or question things, our own wedding planning experience wasn't the best so we've got your backs!


All bookings are subject to non-refundable booking fees, this covers admin and research costs. 
Our standard cancellation fee is £100 which we take from your non-refundable booking fee, the rest will be returned as a percentage depending on your booking.
Cancellations within 14 - 8 days before your event will be a 50% refund and those cancellations within 7 days or less will result in a 0% refund.
All booking fees must be paid within 48 hours or the date becomes available and you will receive a cancellation notice. We are unable to hold dates due to the sheer amount of bookings we receive.
All final payments must be received a month before your event, if not your booking may be cancelled.
Once our equipment is set up in your venue, it is your responsibility to ensure you and your guests respect
our equipment. We do not charge a refundable damage fee; we simply charge for damages. If anybody
deliberately or negligently damages equipment, the DJ services will be withdrawn immediately and those
responsible will be charged for the damage.
All of our licenses we deem relatable to your booking can be shown on the night as they will all be on hand,
along with our identification. We will be happy to provide all licenses prior to your event, should you or your
venue require them, once the booking has been confirmed with at least the booking fee payment and the
signed contract received.
Any photos or videos taken by RNS Mobile Disco staff at your event may be used by the DJ for
promotional purposes. They may be posted on all social media sites, along with the RNS Mobile Disco
website. We will endeavour to blur out any children in these photos and videos. If photos and videos should
not be taken at your event, for any reason, please make the DJ aware of this as soon as possible,
preferably at the time of booking.
The Client undertakes the responsibility for ensuring that the DJ is given access to the venue and use of
earthed mains electricity supply on their arrival. The DJ assumes the event venue meets the electrical
safety standards to operate the Client’s selected package. In the event of any electrical risks being posed,
the DJ has discretion to reduce the size of the Client’s selected package in order to operate safely. The
Client will continue to be liable for the agreed sum of the selected package.
The DJ will not accept any liability for power cuts which interrupt the service provided, however, will
endeavour to co-operate with the venue to try and rectify any problems. If reducing the equipment booked
by the Client will overcome power supply problems at the venue then the DJ is given full authority to do so
without consulting the Client. The Client understands that no compensation or price reduction will be given
for power cut issues or for the reduction of equipment due to power supply problems.
The Client will be responsible for checking and resolving any limits or restrictions attached to the venue,
which could negatively impact on the ability of the DJ to carry out their services. This includes devices such
as smoke alarms and sound limitation monitors. The DJ will not be responsible for any interruption to the
service provided due to venue limitations or restrictions. The DJ should also be made aware of any sound
limitations as soon as possible but at least 60 days prior to the Clients event.
The DJ requires access to the venue a minimum of one hour before and one hour after the times stated on
your contract above for set up and take down time. Any alternative arrangement for this must be agreed at
the time of booking, with the Client and the DJ both in agreement.
The DJ has the right to stop providing musical entertainment at any time if the safety of the staff, their
equipment or the guests becomes a concern.

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