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I Was The DJ At Stockwith Mills Very First Wedding! - Lincolnshire Female Wedding DJ

Going to visit new venues and make new contacts is always a lovely experience, being able to get different photos and videos and see my set up in a whole new place is amazing.

However, being the very first DJ to DJ a wedding at a venue is something I have not actually done yet..

... Then comes Stockwith Mill.

Katy and Dan booked me last year when Stockwith Mill wasn't even fully finished, it was such a lovely surprise to be booked there because I had actually watched all of the renovations and build of the venue on my very own Instagram page!

Well, on 29th April I was lucky enough to be the very first DJ for the very first wedding to be held at Stockwith Mill, so let's see how it went and let me show you around the fantastic venue that is Stockwith Mill.

So this is the main room of the venue, its where you have your wedding breakfast and then it gets switched around once you and your guests have eaten in order for your evening celebrations to take place.

Due to the room being so small, I went for the smallest set up I physically could in order to allow there to be enough space for the partygoers. I decided to keep my speakers on the floor following conversations with my couple about the bass and loudness of the music in the small room. Whilst nobody was in the room I took the opportunity to turn the music up for everyone to sing along to outside. Once the first dance was completed I also turned my right speaker to face the door which is just out of shot here.

The room is great for entertainment as there's loads of plug sockets, which always comes in handy. Due to the low ceiling I felt like one light bar would be more than enough, my lasers lit up the whole room whilst my pars were perfect for the dance floor, especially as we got later into the night and played some huge floor fillers.

The entrance to the venue was sing posted on the main road. The first entrance is for the car park and outdoor ceremony area, the second entrance we used to unload our equipment. We would never have been able to bring our equipment down from the car park as it was over a lovely bridge and was down hill. For any DJs, for future reference, I would recommend to come to the second entrance and let the team know you're there. The grounds are pedestrian only once the wedding has begun, but you're allowed to reverse in to unload and then move your car up to the car park.

Parking your car close to the entrance is really handy to get your equipment into the room, highly recommended.

And below is the bar area and the main room, also known as 'The Stables'. The little building does look beautiful I must admit, and the white painted wood alongside the brick really makes it stand out.

Out the back there is a huge outdoor area for your guest to enjoy on a summers day, its perfect for even more entertainment. There's a lovely fire pit, this is where Katy & Dan decided to get some marshmallows on the go!

Below is the view from The Stables door of the front seating area, there so many seating areas around the venue. Once your wedding breakfast is done, there's certainly no shortage of picturesque seating areas, it would be stunning and utterly perfect on a hot summers day whilst you have a DJ in the main room.

Due to the size of the room where we set our disco up in, we had to set our Sweet Cart up outside. Thankfully it is under cover, but even more amazing was that it didn't rain! The cart being on the stones wasn't ideal, as we just couldn't get it level at all. We needed to make sure this was as safe as possible so really buried the legs into the stones.

For this specific package Katy & Dan went with a basic non wedding package due to the small wedding, the difference to our normal wedding package being there is no refills and less jars.

The sweets we went for are:

2 x Small Jars - Maoams Chews

1 x Small Jar - Chewits

1 x Small Jar - Love Hearts

1 x Large Jar - Lolipops

1 x Large Jar - Flying Sauces

1 x Large Jar - Rainbow Drops

1 x Large Jar - Retro Chews

6 x Large Bags - Marshmallows

Scattered Sweets - Lolipops, Parma Violets & Mixed Refreshers

Above is the main seating area just out the back where tables are placed for you and your guests to enjoy the sun & some music. The seating areas are vital for the venue as there isn't much inside, but it makes it just that bit special. It is all under cover too, which helps when it's raining or if it is ever too sunny!

Here is a wider photo of our cart set up just outside the door to the main room.

If you are looking to book your wedding at Stockwith Mill check out their website at

What could I help you with at Stockwith Mill?

My business has a huge range of items, including our award winning Disco. Our Selfie Pod, Love Letters and Sweet Cart would fit right into the venue. I would be able to provide all day music for your wedding or just the evening.

You could also treat your guests to our Garden Games package on its own, or alongside our new Golf Course.

Feel free to check out my website to get me booked at your wedding at Stockwith Mill!

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