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Top 10 Movie Songs To Play At Your Wedding - RNS Mobile Disco - UK Female Wedding DJ

Movies, we all love them, don't we?

I often get requests from guests at weddings and parties asking for "that song from ****" and as much as I'd like to think 9 times out of 10 I get the correct song from the movie, sometimes I am mistaken... somehow?

As with everything in life, good music makes a good end product. I have written and produced several songs for movies and getting the perfect song for the perfect section in the movie is vital.

So often I will be in the car listening to the radio when a song comes on and before I even say the artist and song name, I'm explaining to my wife what movie it's in and in which part of the film it features! (I'm a serious music nerd, I cannot lie)

OK, so down to the fun part. I'm also a huge movie nerd, I blooming love watching films cuddled up to my bulldog and snacking on chocolate or nachos (not a huge fan of popcorn) so I thought I would give you guys 10 movie soundtrack songs that would be perfect for your wedding. I'll even explain where they'll sound perfect during your special day.

All of the songs are from some of my favourite movies, so don't worry you haven't come here to see the most cliche blog ever with the most popular 10 songs from the movies... or even the only 10 songs you know from movies!

So, my favourite movies and my favourite songs from the soundtracks put into your wedding??

Let's go!!

My favourite movie of all time is 'The Beach' it's an absolute classic and really takes me back to my childhood as I used to watch it with my late mum all the time. The movie is about a young traveller that finds himself on a rather heavenly like island after following a map given to him by a stranger. I won't spoil the film for those of you that haven't watched it, but it's amazing.

Song Title: Pure Shores

Artist: All Saints

Perfect For: Drinks Reception or First Dance.

Fun Facts: Entered straight into the U.K. Singles Charts at Number 1 and remained there for 2 weeks. It was the second most successful U.K. single of the year 2000.

Since we are throwing it back, coming in at number 2 is a song from 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' and I know you must be thinking "Jayde, what on Earth is this rubbish" but please do keep reading. Growing up with 2 younger sisters I watched Hannah Montana religiously, seriously.

Song: The Climb

Artist: Miley Cryus

Perfect For: First Dance or Last Song.

Fun Facts: Miley was only 16 years old when this song came out. Simon Cowell chose it as the song to be released by the winner of The X Factor U.K. in 2009.

We are fully going rogue in this blog, next up is my favourite green ogre... Shrek!! I freaking love shrek, I even dragged my wife to the London store! I put these movies on in the background on a weekly basis to keep my childlike bulldog entertained and also so I can sing along as I work.

Song: I'm A Believer

Artist: Smash Mouth

Perfect For: Wedding Reception.

Fun Facts: The song performed in the movie by Smash Mouth is a cover of The Monkees Number 1 hit. The song was actually written by the legendary Neil Diamond, who is a hero to all the football fans that sing his popular song 'Sweet Caroline'.

Suicide Squad, wouldn't really be a movie blog without this movie in it, would it? I love all things 'Joker' and Suicide Squad is a brilliant film.

Song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Artist: Panic! At The Disco

Perfect For: End Of The Wedding Reception.

Fun Facts: Obviously this is a cover song, for the film.

Next up we have a movie I could watch, time and time again... Daddy's Home.

Both of the films are absolutely brilliant and to be fair have some quality songs in them too!

Song: Thunderstruck

Artist: AC/DC

Perfect For: Evening Reception.

Fun Facts: This wasn't released as a single in America, to help increase album sales! Used in both Daddy's Home 1 & 2, alongside several other movies!

Did someone call for a Barden Bella? Ok ok, I got you! We've had several wedding first dances with this next song. I have chose it in this list for this reason, because I love the Pitch Perfect movies so bloody much. They are always on at Christmas time and we just binge them with lots of chocolate!!

Song: Flashlight

Artist: Hailee Steinfeld

Perfect For: First Dance.

Fun Facts: This was written by non other than... Sia!!

Another school, but with a British twist... St Trinians! The school every kid wanted to go to when we were younger!

Song: Nine2Five

Artist: The Ordinary Boys & Lady Sovereign

Perfect For: Drinks Reception.

Fun Facts: This song is the ultimate throwback and always asked to be played at indie/brit pop weddings during the Drinks Reception. Where do we begin with the facts of St Trinians? It was Talulah Riley's first main role. It was Gemma Arterton's first ever movie! Paloma Faith was in it!!!! Award winning songwriter Jessica Agombar is also in the movie!! It is FULL of legends. The sequel also focuses a lot on Roxy, who is played by the late Sarah Harding.

Tom Hardy, the best actor ever? I think so. His role in Kray Twins movie Legend, as both of the twins was absolutely phenomenal. He is easily one of the most popular and well known actors. The movie follows the life of notorious Kray Twins, east end gangsters! The movie is brilliant!

Song: I'm Into Something Good

Artist: Hermans Hermits

Perfect For: Wedding Breakfast.

Fun Facts: This classic is everywhere, you will have heard so many covers.

Another superhero / villain movie now, The Joker which was released in 2019 seriously took the world by storm. I love Batman & The Joker movies, I have several posters and canvas of The Joker, so I'm always interested in these films. Nobody has quite reached the late Heath Ledger level, but this one is pretty close.

Song: That's Life

Artist: Frank Sinara

Perfect For: Drinks Reception or Wedding Breakfast.

Fun Facts: This song is used in almost everything in the world.. It's a classical singalong!

Black Widow, the movie with Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in? OK, say no more.

Song: American Pie

Artist: Don McLean

Perfect For: Wedding Breakfast or Evening Reception.

Fun Facts: Despite the depressing lyrics, it is one of the most popular songs for us to play. Everyone's family loves singing along!

I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing with some of these films, if you haven't seen them do go and give them a few hours of your life, I promise you won't regret it!

Jayde x

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