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RNS Mobile Disco - Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding - UK Wedding Business

Now, not only do I have my own wedding and events business (you obviously know this because you are on my website) but I also recently got married, back in 2019! We didn't want to spend too much because we completely rushed the planning due to my Mum falling ill with cancer, we tried to push everything forward and do it as quick as possible in hope she would be there, unfortunately she didn't make it but this does mean I have loads of tips for you!

Todays blog is all about saving money on your special day, so here are my top 11 tips!

Consider A Week Day Wedding

Venues are always cheaper on weekdays and a few suppliers also do these discounted. Saving money on your venue is a huge huge bonus, as they are usually the most expensive part of your wedding! We would have done a weekday wedding if we weren't in such a s**t personal situation, as we knew we wanted to get married on our anniversary.

DIY Invites

We saved hundreds of pounds by DIYing our own invites, we knew exactly what we wanted and shown my amazingly talented Mum who managed to make loads ready for us. There are websites such as Canva where you can create them yourself and then get them printed so cheap!!

DIY / Cheap Favours

Wedding favours are another huge expense if you don't shop round properly! A simple idea are the tiny packets of love heart sweets, this is something we see often but we think they are a nice touch. We had a Harry Potter themed wedding so our favours were done by my Mum (again, yes she was this talented) and we did key rings! Everyone had a mini knitted Harry Potter themed jumper keyring, made by my Mum. Don't get me wrong it took her hours and hours, but it saved us so much money as they only cost about £10 in total.

Second Shooters Or Student Photographers

One thing I have learnt from our wedding is that the photos are the most important memory, there are several people who are no longer with us, so it's important to get as many photos as possible. Alongside your photographer maybe get a second shooter to double your photos, or even go with just a student photographer (we also offer this service). Make the absolute most out of the photographers time at your wedding, get as many photos with everyone as you physically can!

DIY Centre Pieces

Sometimes you can save hundreds by doing simple centre pieces, a small fake candle or a jar full of flowers! Yes we are putting ourselves out of work here, but it would save you money in the long run.

Choose A Local Hall Or Community Centre

Some villages have huge community centres that are a fraction of the price of a huge wedding venue. These could potentially save you absolutely thousands of pounds and they don't all look awful!!

Axe The Flowers

We didn't have flowers, we didn't feel the need for them nor do we really like them. This saved us hundreds that we put into other aspects of the day.

Cut Transportation Costs

As much as we would have loved to have turned up at our wedding in super cars or a helicopter, we decided to save money. I travelled with my friends and my wife came with her dads friend in his Mercedes SUV. We had our Jaguar at the time which would have been the perfect car but we couldn't be bothered with the hassle of dressing it up. Nobody even saw the car my wife turned up in, as our guests were all already inside our venue... reference for future! Although, some companies will take you out for a little drive and allow photos, so make sure if you do pay for transportation, you get your moneys worth!!

DIY Signs

Grab some pallets, wood or get on Canva. Create your own signs, it saves you so much money and you get to make them exactly how you want them to be!

Children's Meals

I'm not telling you to starve them before you jump to conclusions, but certainly ask your caterer if there are discounts available for those that don't and won't eat a full large meal.

Evening Food

Only cater for around 70-75% of your guests in the evening if you are having a buffet. Not everyone will eat, especially if they are having their wedding breakfast so late too.

Let me know if there are any tips that you may have, maybe we could do a part 2!

Jayde x

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