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RNS Mobile Disco - The Story Of Our DJ

Updated: Jan 31, 2022


Let me say thank you to you for being interested in reading this blog, to me, every reader counts!

I’m Jayde, the DJ and owner of RNS Mobile Disco and welcome to our first blog!

Although my business is new, please be rest assured that I am not ‘new’ to the music industry. I have been a successful music producer and songwriter for 10+ years now, working with some well known household names and even going on tour with popular bands and artists to work on their music whilst on the road. When I was younger, all I was interested in was music, still to this day music is the love of my life and my number 1 passion.

Throughout my time as a producer and songwriter, I was able to work with some of the biggest labels, who often took my music to be passed on to their other artists. Through these years gaining experience, I also took up DJing, after meeting and speaking with an upcoming DJ, who has now taken on the world. Working alongside DJs regularly allowed me to gain enough experience to offer another service to musicians.. ghost remixing.

I have also regularly stepped in to help my friends out at their weddings and parties, being a DJ for the night, something that I really enjoyed and wanted to do more of but still my main focus was primarily my writing and producing.

In 2017 I moved to Lincolnshire to be with my now wife, something that did take quite a toll on my music career. Having a family made it harder to travel across the country and be away for weeks on end, especially as this was our first house together. Although I have my own music studio set up in my house, I knew that things would be different in Lincolnshire compared to my old house, so I had to change my career plans to work with that. I’d mentioned regularly since moving here that there is definitely space for another disco business, I always knew there were loads of top quality DJs around.. but not many female! During my time in the music industry I have learnt that 95% of it is male based, so to be in a small percentage of female musicians was something I was always proud of.

In 2019, I went through the horrific experience of losing my mum to cancer, something that hit me hard mentally and made me realise that life is just too short not to do what you want to. During lockdown 2020 the music industry was also hit hard, with nobody being able to go out and perform at gigs or work in studios. It was in this moment that I decided to switch my focus to becoming a mobile DJ, so I could be closer to my family and not have the pressures of writing and producing, because it really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!! Although I still sell my instrumentals and work with friends now and then, my main focus has now turned into becoming a mobile DJ, something I’ve aspired to do for a long long time.

I’m proud of the fact that I am doing this alone, I don’t have a family member who has passed down their already successful business and I’m not part of an agency... when you book RNS Mobile Disco you get me and only me! Throughout lockdown I’ve taken many years of planning and revising and made things happen, building up a solid foundation to start my business.

I’ve researched the lighting and set ups for a while now, having already known extensively about all things music! I’ve gone for 3 main set ups, Black | White | Rustic, with all 3 having a small, medium and large choice of equipment to fit venues. I’ve planned modifications to my DJ booths, which my father in law has altered for me, to make sure the lighting on each part of the set-up are used to their full capabilities. These have now also been tried and tested, and work perfectly. Having different set ups and sizes allows me to be flexible with venues, nothing can be too much of a burden, as I’m ready to go for all types of events!

Two things I’m super excited to use for a full dance floor are my confetti cannons and smoke machines, should they be allowed in your venue the set ups will have one of each either side of my DJ booth!

My music ranges from Little Mix to Slipknot on a daily basis even when I’m chilling at home, so there’s no surprise to know that I’m well equipped with thousands of songs covering all genres and years. I have also purchased all of the latest albums and songs to bring it all up to date to this very day. Every Friday I look at the new releases and purchase what I need to, so you don’t need to worry about me missing any of your new favourite songs!

My prices are somewhat of a reflection to show that I am trying to build up my portfolio. I have the experience so please don’t think “buy cheap, get cheap” as I’m more than capable and experienced to do these events, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent a lot of money on my equipment during a global pandemic. I make my prices known publicly as it’s something I find very frustrating when looking to book something myself, I’m not sure why people are so quiet about prices, but we all run our businesses our own way I guess... if you have read this far you must be interested, so when booking quote ‘BLOG’ and you will get a discount to help build up my portfolio!

With me deciding to make the new venture my full time job, I am working super hard to make sure I’m up to scratch with everything and make it all as entertaining as possible! I’ll be doing regular vlogs and blogs about my new career path and I’ll also be hosting numerous events at local venues... once I’m allowed 🤦‍♀️

The name RNS is in memory of my mum, I’ve often mentioned to her about becoming a mobile DJ, so this was something that I wanted to do now, so that it means that bit more. I hope to also raise money and awareness for Melanoma U.K. through bookings and events, something that I’ve been working towards since my mum was diagnosed with skin cancer.

I’m based in Lincolnshire although I will travel further afield across England if am able to do so. All my equipment is kept safe during travelling in my Jaguar Estate which also tows my trailer. I’ve got numerous backups incase anything goes wrong and I have my specific MacBook that holds all my DJ software, I only use this Mac for my business to ensure it’s always up to standard.

All my equipment has been PAT tested, straight after it was purchased. I have 10 million pounds cover in PLI. My equipment is all insured so should anything happen, I am able to get a replacement ASAP. I, myself, have my own DBS certificate so I am able to DJ for any age groups. I also hire out donut walls, cupcake/cookie walls and sweet jars, for which I have my food safety certificate on hand to provide you with on the day, should you wish to see it!

Upon booking me to DJ your event I offer to meet up whenever you would like, to get a more of a grasp of the kind of music you want to hear! All bookings are confirmed with a contract and a small deposit. During the current pandemic I am able to offer zoom and FaceTime calls instead of face to face meetings.

Finally, thank you for taking your time to read my first blog and I hope that you will see me at an event near you in the not too distant future!

Jayde 👩‍💻

Instagram @rnsmobiledisco

Jaydes Instagram @jchambershanger

Twitter @rnsmobiledisco

Jaydes Twitter @jchambershanger

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