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RNS Mobile Disco - Photo Albums Now Available On Our Website

After listening to several feedback forms, I have made the decision to create online photo albums for Selfie Pod and Photo Booth bookings, making it easier for your guests to find and download their photos.

This means it is still a digital service, just that you don't have to give your guests their photos, instead they can now get them themselves.

The process is super simple and it currently doesn't cost any extra, let's have a look at how it works!

Once your guests have been to have their photos taken, they will be given a small business card like item with a direct link to our 'Photo Albums' page on our website. This card will also have a password on, which you will have chosen, to enable them to access the photos within the album.

Below is our Photo Albums page, you will need to find your event and click on it. Events are in order, so the latest event will always be first on the screen. Simply click on the event.

Once you click on the album you will see the screen below, you and your guests will then need to simply enter the password which is on the card they were given. Please keep these safe and make sure you choose a password not everyone will guess.

After you have typed in the password correctly, you will see the below screen for your chosen event. Simply press 'View Photos' and you will be directed to the photos in this album.

As this is just a 'Show' album (using photos from a real event) there aren't too many photos included, but this is where your photos will be uploaded. You can see that you can download individual photos by hovering over them and clicking on the 'Download' arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the photo itself. You will also notice the same icon in the bottom left of the screen, this allows you to download the whole album.

I hope this makes it much easier for you to give your guests their photos. You can also leave a message for them for when they enter the online album.

I'm always trying to figure out ways to upgrade my services but also be able to keep my crazy low prices... low.

Hope this helps!

Jayde x

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