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RNS Mobile Disco, Based In Lincolnshire - FAQs

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Throughout the last 10 months we have been asked tonnes of questions, so we thought we would put 50 of them together and let everyone know the answers! Hopefully we have covered everything you need and want to know, if there's anything else please feel free to contact us on any of our social medias or via email/whatsapp.

1) What Kind Of Music Will You Play?

We will play anything and everything that you would like us to play, once we have had discussions after you have booked. Playlists can be sent to us on Spotify or just a standard list and we can provide you with our song list prior to the event, should you wish to see it. We will also ask for any songs that you definitely do or definitely do not want played at your event.

2) What Equipment Do You Have?

We use the best equipment possible, a full light show with music coming from our Mac and Mix Track Platinum decks. We are regularly updating our equipment where needed, we also add more equipment to suit larger scale events.

3) Are Lights Included?

Lights are included in all our discos, what's a disco without some crazy lights. For larger venues we always bring more lights with us to fill the rooms too, at no extra cost!

4) Do You Have A Smoke Machine?

We do have a smoke machine that we will bring with the DJ set up, should your venue allow. In some cases this may incur an extra charge... It also makes photos look amazing if I may say so myself!

5) How Long Does It Take To Set Up?

It takes us roughly two hours to set up fully, including doing our safety checks and a quick test of our equipment. On smaller set ups the time will be less, it really does depend on the set up and venue.

6) Are You Insured?

Yes we have full PLI and our certificate can be shown to anyone that wishes to see it! We also carry our important documents with us at every event.

7) What Experience Do You Have In Music?

I have been a producer, writer and performer from a young age. I have regularly been involved in the making of lots of songs, I had my own music studio and have performed with bands on tours. I have acted as a booking agent, manager and promoter on several occasions too. My whole life is based around music, I play most instruments and I still make beats that I pass on to unsigned artists. Having this experience allows me to build on the business where I can.

8) How Many Hours Will You Perform For?

We will perform for as many hours as you require, from 2 hours to 24! It is entirely up to you.

9) Do You Take Requests Or Playlists?

We do take requests and playlists. Any requests can be sent by text during the event also.

10) How Do I Pay For My Booking?

You can pay via bank transfer or cash (upon agreement) but these must be in full prior to the event, and not on the day of the event. Our bank account is a business bank account and we will always send receipts for any payment made to us.

11) Is There A Deposit?

There is a non-refundable deposit of £50 on all DJ bookings, certain packages may have a higher deposit.

12) How Is My Booking Confirmed?

Your booking is confirmed by the agreement of a contract by both parties and the payment of the deposit. Please do not presume your booking is confirmed until we have sent over your payment confirmation, we can't hold dates forever unfortunately.

13) Does It Cost More If My Room Is Upstairs?

No we don't charge any more for different room requirements, we just need to know prior to the event. It will obviously take us a bit longer to set up due to having to take all of our equipment upstairs.

14) Can I Meet You Beforehand?

Yes, as long as Covid-19 restrictions allow, this would be something we would love to offer to everyone who books us. We are currently looking into offering zoom calls for clients far away to meet us during Covid-19 restrictions.

15) Do You Have Your Equipment PAT Tested?

Yes all of our equipment is PAT tested and we have a certificate to show this also, please don't hesitate to ask us to see these things!

16) What Will You Wear For My Event?

Depending on your event we will either wear our smart RNS Mobile Disco uniform or we will wear something more suitable for weddings. If you have specific theme, let us know and we can try and fit the theme... we won't wear white to weddings, don't worry!

17) Can You Perform Outside?

We can perform outside but we would need to be under cover to protect all of the equipment and will obviously need electric access.

18) What Items Do You Hire Alongside Your Disco?

For a full list of our items please visit our website, under 'Items To Hire' there's a long list of our items and prices. Theres way too much to go through on here, but we will do another blog looking further into our items shortly.

19) Can I Come And View The Items Beforehand?

Yes all items can be viewed in person, upon request, prior to your event.

20) Can I Book An Item Separately Or Do I Need To Book A Disco?

Any items can be booked separately, dependent on availability. The more you hire, the greater the discount we can give.

21) How Many Staff Members Do You Have?

There is currently 2 of us but some events we may rope some extra hands in to help, we need everything to go smoothly! If there is more than 2 of us, you will be informed of beforehand.

22) Will You Set Up The Equipment?

Yes all equipment will be set up by us and should not be moved by yourselves. This is because I do not want anyone getting injured or the items getting damaged.

23) Do You Provide Food On Your Items?

We can fill our candy cart, donut walls and drinks walls, should you require. We have all food safety certificates that you can see on hand also.

24) Where Do You Cover?

We cover all of England but over a certain distance will incur an extra travel charge. We love traveling, so we are more than happy to travel for your special events!!

25) How Long In Advance Should I Book You?

We would recommend that you book us ASAP once you have decided as dates are getting filled up quite quickly! We currently have bookings into 2024, which is absolutely crazy.

26) Can I Ask Extra Questions If I Need To?

Ask us every question you ever think of, please!!

27) Will You Stay Longer If Needed?

We always bring along a 'Extension' contract just incase you wish to have us perform for longer, we just ask you give us a little notice. Payments must be made before we begin the extra time.

28) Do You Have Rustic Items?

Yes, lots! We are regularly adding more and more items, look out for our rustic package that we will be releasing soon, so excited!!

29) Will You Set Up During Our Meal?

Most people wish for us to set up whilst guests are eating their food, we are happy to set up whenever you like.. it is completely up to you!

30) Can You Play During Our Meal?

If it is in the booking time, of course! We are currently booked in for quite a few long days which includes playing some acoustic songs whilst you and your guests are eating.

31) Can You Stick To A Theme With The Music?

Of course, we have lots of themed parties coming up. We play what you want us to!

32) Are You A Master Of Ceremony Too? Is This Included?

Currently, no. We are able to offer this service from an external person, but not ourselves. Eventually this is something we will offer, as a new business we need to focus more on our discos.

33) Do You Provide Alcohol For Your Drinks Wall?

No, we can only give fizzy pop or juice. Most venues will not allow you to source your own alcohol, so you can usually get a deal with them to fill it.

34) Do You Have A Band Or Singer That Can Work Beside You?

We have several contacts, if there is anything you need alongside us we can definitely try to arrange this for you.

35) Can I Hire You For Any Event?

Any event at all, within reason obviously!!

36) Do You Offer Photography?

We offer several photography packages, please see our website for more information.

37) Do You Have Up To Date Music?

We have everything from 60s onwards. Every week we add more and more music, so we have everything, don't worry! There has been so many bangers released over lockdown, we have you covered!

38) Will You Come Casually Dressed To A Birthday Rather Than Suited?

For some yes, it depends really. We will always wear our work t-shirts if we are not suited!

39) Are Your Items Able To Be Personalised To Fit A Theme?

We can certainly arrange this if this is something you want, just let us know when you book and not last minute so we can plan in advance!

40) Can You Take Our Playlist From Spotify?

Of course, this is a popular way of letting us work around your playlist. If you have a playlist, drop us a message and share it with us.

41) Do You Have Microphones We Can Use?

Completely free of charge for all discos, even if you don't need them they are there as a back up.

42) Are We Able To Make Our Own Package?

The more you hire, the bigger the discount we can offer you. That is just our way of saying thank you.

43) Where Do You Travel?

Everywhere with a good view!

44) Can I Pay In Monthly Installments?

If this is something you would prefer of course, every payment we receive comes with a receipt so both parties can keep an eye on what the current balance is.

45) Can You Recommend Suppliers To Work At Our Event Alongside You?

All suppliers we work alongside we will add to our suppliers list, keep an eye out for this coming as soon as events are allowed back.

46) Can We Come See You DJ Before Our Event?

We have numerous events planned in our local community centre, so you are more than welcome to drop by one of our charity fundraisers and party with us.

47) Why Do You Host Your Own Events?

Our events are always in aid to make money and raise awareness for certain charities, it also allows people to see our set ups in person before booking. Our items were bought specifically for our events, being able to hire them out is just our way of helping our clients out by getting more items from the same place.

48) What Is The Booking Process?

There will be a blog on this in more detail shortly, basically, let us know all the details and if we are free on your event date we will drop you a contract after letting you know the quote, providing you are happy to proceed. Once it has all been agreed and the deposit has been paid then we get into finer details.

49) What If I Need To Cancel?

We will always try and come up with an agreement to move your date if the new one is available. Unfortunately, there is a lot of work that goes into this sort of job behind the scenes, hence why we take the non-refundable deposit.

50) Why Is There A Non-Refundable Charge Of £50?

A lot of work goes into the business behind the scenes for every event, which includes travelling up to your venue and sorting everything out to make sure your day runs smoothly. We don't just turn up, we work so so hard to make sure we give you the best day ever.

We hope this helps a little, maybe even with some questions you may not have thought of. If there is any other questions you want to ask us let us know on and we will get back to you ASAP! Certain questions we will give more detailed answers in with their own blogs when we get round to them.

Thanks for reading and if you are thinking of booking with us, we hope to speak to you soon!

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