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A Year of RNS Mobile Disco

I can't actually believe I am writing a blog about RNS Mobile Disco being a whole year old, I really can't. It has been the longest year of my life but also the fastest, sometimes I think we have been a business for years and others I think it has been a week or so.

When I decided on the name RNS Mobile Disco and decided to build a plan around raising money for Melanoma UK I was genuinely scared the it wouldn't take off. As with every business, there's huge risks you take when you put so much into it. Especially when you decide to make a DJ business in a global pandemic, but thankfully it has completely smashed all my year goals and some!

I would like to thank everyone that has been any sort of part in the building up of RNS Mobile Disco because it really does mean the absolute world that people are seeing my vision. I'm still working super hard to bring more equipment to both the DJ side and item hire side of the business.

Although blogs are slow at the moment and really behind schedule and there's not much posts going up on social media, please be assured that it is so so busy behind the scenes and I'm working hard to make my dreams come true.

Due to the current pandemic situation its been really hard to make much money for Melanoma UK but it will just make me want to make more next year, as soon as we are free! This is a huge part in the business and a vital part of everyones life because the funds and awareness could save lives.

In the next year we will have the RNS Music Hub being released and working with local and unsigned artists will bring more live events to Lincolnshire, something I literally cannot wait for.

We are looking into a showroom for RNS Mobile Disco, where people can come and see all of our items and meet the team. This will also be great for consultations and give us an opportunity to show you all of our disco set ups!

On Instagram we have taken off completely with over 800 followers, something that Is crazy as my goal was 150 in the first year... so thank you!

On Facebook, we reach around 15k people a week that is crazy, so thank you all for sharing and liking our posts. We have just under 200 likes on there, which again has beat our 100 goal.

We aren't really using Twitter much but are working on it!

Our website has about 2000 people on a week on average, with Sundays being our busiest day that it crashes my phone with notifications.

Our blogs have reached over 7k reads on them, which again is absolutely crazy!!!! We hope for 100 reads per blog post, so yeah that has been super successful.

Our TikTok has come in late, due to the amount of restrictions we have added videos of what we do when we aren't DJing too, which has helped promote the business. We have over 3k likes on there, which is brilliant and gets people talking about the business which brings traffic onto our website.

We celebrated 1 year of RNS Mobile Disco by going out for a meal to have a day off, getting a huge lovely cake from Rosies Cakes And Bakes and sharing it with family and friends.

I'd personally like to thank all my clients for trusting me with their special events, loving our items and sharing my business on their socials. A business is nothing without people believing in the vision, so thank you so so much. I cannot wait to enjoy another year of RNS Mobile Disco and get out to all of your celebrations.

I'd also like to thank the businesses that I have worked with on all my promotional products, I have tried to stay as local as possible for everything to really show off the talent in Lincolnshire.

As soon as Bojo lets us free we will be partying every single weekend, with loads of midweek weddings too!! I can't wait for it to get even more busy!

Thank you all so much,

Here's to another successful year of RNS Mobile Disco.

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