Items To Hire

All You Need For Your Event

We offer special discounts for items hired alongside our Disco.

White Love Light Up Letters

From £50

Our white light up letters are perfect for any occasion.

4ft Rustic Love Letters

From £100

These letters come not lit, lit with uplighters, lit with stringed lights or lit with flower garlands. These are very lightweight so please bare this in mind when choosing where you want them.

Pink Flower Wall

From £65

Our amazing pink flower wall is perfect for any kind of event. We can add up-lighters too if you wish!

White Candy Cart

From £40

Our amazing candy cart is perfect for all events such as weddings, baby showers, birthday parties... literally anything! You can hire our cart of on itself with all the accessories and you can just add your sweets, or you can save yourself the hassle and let us sort the sweets out for you! Sweets are of your own choice from our list and you get complimentary bags of popcorn too! If your event is themed, we can arrange extra items to make it fit the theme more! 

BABY 3ft Letters

From £40

Our BABY letters are perfect for any baby celebration. We have 2 sets, one blue and one pink. You can mix and match the colours if you wish for a gender reveal or baby shower! Our letters are great for photo shoots and birthday parties too.

White Donut Wall

From £25

Our amazing handmade donut wall is painted in white, holding loads of donuts that you can double and triple up on. The wall itself is for a table, it can also be filled at an extra cost.

4ft White Light Up Numbers

From £30

Our amazing light up numbers are available for all anniversary events, including birthdays. You can hire our numbers out for £30 each or £25 each for more than one number. We have the following numbers available: 1, 2, 6, 8

Drinks Wall

From £25

Our drinks wall is multifunctional, we haven't added hooks for our flutes we have added shelves, so you can place cups, bottles and pints. This handmade treasure is a huge hit at all parties. When you hire this out for children's parties we fill it free of charge with soft cartons and change 'Bubbles' to 'Drinks'

Acrylic Numbers

From £25

Currently avaliable are numbers 4,5,0. Balls can come in pink, white or blue&red. Numbers can be hired together or separate for £25 a number.

Selfie Pod

From £120

With digital photos sent to your email and social media, our selfie pod comes with props and an inflatable booth to help with the lighting!

Cupcake / Cookie Wall

From £15

Our wall is again handmade. The wall can be used for either cookies or cupcakes... or anything you want on it!
We can fill the wall for an extra charge.

Rustic Standing Donut Wall

From £25

Our amazing handmade donut wall has a rustic look, with 35 donut holders you can double up on. This also has 2 shelves to put your bags, tissues and even more donuts on if you wanted!
We can fill the wall at an extra charge.

Sweet Ladder

From £20

Our sweet ladder comes with 16 sweet jars, some of which are glass. Included in the hire you get scoopers, hundreds of bags and plastic cups for a pick'n'mix style. 
We can fill the table for an extra charge, with sweets of your choice.

3x3 Gazebo

From £30

Our pop up 3x3 Gazebo is a huge hit, it can be used for all events and fits on most gardens.

Baby / Love Ballon Boxes

From £10

These boxes can be filled with any colour balloons, which is included in the price. Perfect for weddings and baby events.

Cards Post Box

From £15

Our post boxes are painted to be used at all events, we have a wide range of colours.

Wedding Post Box

From £20

This Post Box is perfect for weddings, its really tall and has a huge hole to put cards in. It also comes with a lock and key. You can also have this for other events, it doesn't say anything to do with wedding on it.

Chair Covers

From 75p

Our chair covers come in two colours, white and black. You can either do our chair covers DIY, where we will deliver your covers and you can put them on the chairs yourself, or we can do them all for you at an extra cost.

Table Cloths

From £4

Just like our chair covers, these come in black and white. We are able to set these up at a small cost.

5ft Rustic Welcome Sign

From £30

Our 5ft rustic welcome sign can come with anything written on it.

Polaroid Guest Book


Our polaroid guest book package comes with:

Guest Book

Polaroid Camera (Hire)

100 Photos



Sticky Tape

Table & Table Cloth

Hoop Photo Props

From £5

Use our photo props in your selfies we have a wide range including:
Engagement, Just Married, Mum To Be, Oh Baby, Its A Girl/Boy.


The Harry Potter Collection

After All This Time? Always

Honeydukes Candy Cart

From £100

Filled with your favourite magical sweets.

Personalised Envelopes

From £30

Have them scattered across tables or in places of interest on your wedding or birthday.

Wedding Sign

From £15

Perfect for any wizards wedding.

Birthday Sign

From £15

Perfect for any magical birthday.


From £150

With props from the films, this Photo Booth is perfect for any event.

Potions Decorations

From £5

Decorate your venue with these potions!

Slytherin Present Chest

From £20

The perfect safe place for any Slytherin to keep their presents and cards safe.

ALWAYS 4ft Letters

From £100

Fancy something different than love? Always.


From £20

Have the book confetti sprinkled across your tables, or throw on you during your photos.

Place & Character Quotes

From £15

Having tables named after places or the characters? We have the perfect centre piece for you.

Mischief Managed Backdrop

From £75

Perfect for behind the top table or as a Photo Booth backdrop. 6ft round acrylic, with balloons of your choice.

LUMOS 4ft Letters

From £100

Perfect for any event.

Table Plan

From £35

Your guests can find their place from the marauders map..