My Story

Hello, thank you for caring enough to read this page, now it is time to sell myself!

My name is Jayde and I am a full time musician, I write, produce and play many instruments. Sometimes I sing, but my lungs don't let me do that any more, so I 100% steer clear of vocals now unless I have to for a demo. I can often be found either making or listening to music, my whole life is based around music. 

My very own music taste ranges from one extreme to the other, I will happily dancing to S Club 7 and then jump into a mosh to a bit of Slipknot. I feel like if I were asked (which I haven't been) I would say I specialise in Rock, Indie and 80's, although I will listen and play everything. One of my favourite artists is Calvin Harris and he isn't classed as any of those 3.. just to show you how much I love music!

You have probably got here and thought "why is she called RNS Mobile Disco, when her name is Jayde" well to put the long story short, in 2019 my mum sadly lost her very short battle with Melanoma. During the Covid pandemic it gave me time to properly grieve and it was in this section of my life where I decided to make a life goals list, things I have always wanted to do but never had the confidence in order to do. I have always wanted my own wedding business, so it gets me out of my music studio at the weekends! I believe my extensive knowledge in music helps me out huge amounts when it comes to working on playlists and reading the crowd.

I have had the pleasure of entertaining so many people at loads of different events and I can't wait to meet more people, to make more happy memories with.





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